Bookkeeping & Consulting

Bookkeeping & Consulting Services

My Bookkeeping and Consulting services are very individual to your needs as a client. Bookkeeping services are offered to our accounting and tax clients if that is something you are also looking for assistance on – it is keeping that record of the past.

My Consulting services, on the other hand, are ones that look to the future. These are services for long-term planning to help you as an individual or as a business to grow.

Chartered professional accounting and tax services in the Peace Region. Corporate Accounting, Personal Accounting, Farm Accounting, Bookkeeping & Consulting Services. Melissa Strban CPA

Bookkeeping Services

Accounting Software Selection & Implementation
Cloud & Desk-Based Software
Preparation and Filing of t4s and t5s, GST Returns, & WCB Returns
& more!

Consulting services

Cash Flow Projections
Financial Planning
Estate Planning and Returns
& more!